Woodland Nurseries is a family run plant nursery located in a beautiful woodland setting near the pretty village of Everingham, East Yorkshire.  We specialise in  bedding plants and hanging baskets and stock all the favourite alpines and herbs. 

Being a nursery, we grow on our own plants so we are able to offer exceptional value for money as well as friendly, helpful advice.    

In October we are open Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 3pm 

We have COMPOST with SLOW RELEASE FERTILISER and also BARK back in stock

Multipurpose 3 x 60L for £12
Multipurpose with slow release fertiliser 2 x 60L for £10  
Bark 4 x 50L for £20 

PANSIES, VIOLAS AND WALLFLOWERS £2.50 per pack (5 packs £12) 
Pansies (Mixed, Orange, Yellow, Light Blue, Sunburst)
Violas (Mixed, Blue), Wallflowers (Mixed)

(sold loose so you can choose) 
Daffodils (yellow, white), Narcissi (Tete a tete, Thalia) Tulips (Queen of Night, Ballerina etc), Dwarf tulips (Stresa, Red Riding Hood), English Bluebells,  Iris JS Dijit, Crocus (large flowered)

PERENNIALS in 2L pots £5.99 each

We are now making winter HANGING BASKETS
To order please call Lesley 07969 522882 or email Leshenderson@rocketmail.com


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Wednesday 10am - 3pm
Thursday 10am - 3pm
Friday 10am - 3pm
Saturday 10am - 3pm
Sunday 10am - 3pm